Sunday, November 27, 2011

Truth Is...

One point that this song alludes to is that before we were here, we were somewhere. It was during that time that a plan was brought forth to allow us to grow, and that all in all we would return wiser and stronger and with full confidence in the things that are true because we tested them for ourselves.

We can think of this time right now as the second act of a three part play. In the beginning of the play, the majority of the plot is laid. We find out who the main characters are, and we figure out what is going on. But what if as an audience member, you came in between the intermission of the first and second act? You would have NO clue what was going on, and things would be in motion that wouldn't make a whole lotta sense.

"So Are You A Knight Or The King?"

Now imagine if you were all of a sudden called on stage to be one of the actors themselves! How confusing would it be to try to play your role in all of this going on around you? Well, that's kinda how this life is right now. We come in partway through the play, with no knowledge of the first act, but expected to play a serious role for someone important... us!

We can figure out the important points from the people around us, but its really best if we go straight to the script. We can use the scriptures to help us out in the same way! As we learn more, we get a clearer picture on what is going on around us, and how WE personally want to act. A director, call him the Holy Ghost, can lead us in a way that is appropriate. Of course we don't have to listen to him if we don't want to, but... c'mon, this guy knows what he's talking about!

Spielberg, Anyone?

So we make it through this second act. The third act of this play will take place after we die. The second act featured the climax, the nail biting suspense and the roughest parts of the story. This third act is the place where all the loose ends are tied up and any misunderstandings are cleared up. Anything that was hidden from the audience (or the characters) is made known, and the resolution comes.

The truth is that our second act is very tiny compared to the other two. This moment in time, eighty or so years of life, is nothing compared to the rest of it. Yet how we live and act in this second portion determines most everything else that matters.

I know maybe we don't know exactly everything that is going on right now, but eventually everything is gonna work and be okay. We gotta take care of our part right here and right now, but if and when we do, we keep ourselves on track for the happy ending that will come in the third act. Take care of what you can right now, and leave the rest. It'll be aight.
The Three Act Play - The Plan of Salvation

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