Monday, November 7, 2011

Make It So

Life is easy when you have a 50/50 split when it comes between choosing between two things; You only have a 50% shot of messing up and suffering the consequences! One of the great things about having guidance from a modern day prophet is that you get clear help in figuring out what is the right thing to choose, and you can trust the source because you know a prophet of God wont lead you astray.

Its kinda like the Indiana Jones theory...

"Elder Donohue, I Told You NEVER To Use Me In A Blog Again!!!"

If Indie knew what the consequences were (namely an immediate need to run a gauntlet of spikes and giant boulders), would he have tried to put the sand on the pedestal in an attempt to steal the treasure? Imma take a wild guess and say probably not...

Sin is kinda the same way. Many choices in our life could be this 50/50. It could be bad and bring sadness, or it could be good and bring happiness... But wouldnt'cha like to know which was which before you do it?
We can be warned of danger through a clear voice, keeping sin and righteousness a black and white distinction and eliminating the gray in lifes important things. A prophet can warn us of the consequences of sin and encourage us to choose the right. I know that through a modern day prophet, Thomas S. Monson, we have been given that exact same help that Indiana would have loved to have.


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