Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Are You Ready? Or Will You Let It Slip Away?

What does General Conference mean to me?


For surely, sometimes we need to ask such questions of ourselves to really understand what to say.

I know it doesn't fit on my blog, and maybe that is the point...
General Conference can be likened unto the Sermon on the Mount. The Savior taught amazing words of wisdom, parables, principles and doctrine. What He did prompted commitment, soul searching, and a coming unto knowledge that could only come through the Spirit touching hearts. It prompted repentance, for no heart can be touched by the spirit and not turn towards something better.

The Savior need not be at General Conference for it to be like the Sermon on the Mount. A living Prophet and Apostles, all called by the Lord himself, have ascended the mountain height through prayer and careful guidance from the Spirit to bring the messages as humbly as they can that He would have them share.

Does God cease to speak to man?


I know that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He has spoken to man all throughout biblical history through the mouths of His servants the prophets. I know that he continues to do so today.

As I go with an open mind and a question I want answered, inviting the Spirit to work with me, I will hear the message that God has for me individually. I know the margins of my notes will be filled with the most precious and personal revelation that I could ever hope for, and that as I observe those things given to me that I will find an increase and be ready for more when next conference is called to order.