Friday, April 8, 2011

They Paved Paradise

I love the Bible. Seriously, its my favorite thing in the world sometimes. I especially love the stories that I read on my own as a child so long ago in picture books as children's stories that were (dumbed down seems like the wrong phrase here...) but still had memorable and good lessons.

Recently I picked back up in Exodus where Moses is leading the children of Israel through the wilderness for forty years. Those people were so dang blessed... I mean really, Manna from heaven for FORTY YEARS! The children who were born out there knew nothing BUT Manna! They likely grew up with that miracle for so long, not knowing what it was like to not have it fall, that they likely complained!

What!?! Manna AGAIN?!?
We too have many miracles in our lives, most of which occur without us even thinking of them anymore. We take for granted the blessing it is to have wonderful families and friends, job security when we can find it, our health, the very roof over our head, and whatever other small bits of "Manna" we find in our lives. The old saying goes,
You Never Really Know What You Got Till Its Gone
If you want to feel really blessed, just take a look at everything you already have. I'm working on not waiting for it all to be taken away before giving gratitude through prayer and action towards god and those around me. An attitude of gratitude makes everything else better, more positive, and allows me to appreciate how much I already have. Hopefully then, I wont end up like the people who were born in the wilderness who were shocked to find that in the promised land there was a lot more to breakfast then walking out of the tent in the morning!

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