Friday, April 15, 2011

A Sense of Poise and Rationality

Yeah, so I'm trying to write a blog here, right?

Yeah... and of course I am. I'm trying... I'm really TRYING, and in fact I've probably written about 2,500 words today over and over again in the form of opening paragraphs and initial thoughts, but I can't connect anything together today. No, today I have a bit of a problem because this guy at the library about five computers away has his music absolutely BLASTING right now.

I remember a time when it didn't matter what was going on and I could still just put my head down and work right on through anything (thank goodness for the experience of living at college!), but sadly I have lost that skill over time. Right now everybody here is just trying to ignore the static hip-hop and let this guy rock out in hopes that some librarian will pass by sooner rather then later and tell him to knock it off.

You Tell 'Em, Tiger!
 However, this gives me an idea...

For some people, the only reason they obey speed limits at all are because of police officers. For some people, the only reason why they don't steal is because they are worried about getting caught by the law. For some people, the only reason they obey laws at all is because they are worried about doing time if they get caught breaking the law, not because they care about the safety or showing common respect for the people around them. People are becoming less concerned with whats right and wrong and moving towards the mindset of, "How much can I get away with?" as opposed to asking what they can do to reach out to their neighbors and better the community.

Christ asked us to do the exact opposite of what goes on when the cops leave town. He has asked us to be our Brothers-Keeper, to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, to forgive and be easily forgiven. This guy with the music isn't necessarily a bad guy, he just isn't taking the time to stop and realize that what he is doing is making life hard for the rest of us right now. Those people who do 30 miles an hour over the speed limit are not necessarily bad people, they just don't think about how much more dangerous they sometimes make the world for themselves and the rest of us.

I guess if any of this had to have a point, it would be to stop and think about your fellow man around you. Do a good turn, make somebody elses life easier. Make the world a better place by starting with yourself and being the change you want to see in other people. And as far as the spiritual application? Remember that God said, "If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments!" and don't do it because somebody is watching and will take you in if you don't, but do it because you care. I know you got it in you!

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