Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time Spent in Search of Christ

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they feel the need to figure out where they are at, where they are going, and find where their place is in a world. Many questions that arise and cause a great stir among us that can bring confusion or frustration if easy answers don’t present themselves. While there are no "easy" answers in life, all of us can find peace and comfort as we study and learn life firsthand as taught by Christ, the Master Teacher, through the Holy Spirit. What a blessing it is then to have the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Given to every man is the Light of Christ (verses 15-20) . It is given unto everyone the ability to choose right from wrong, and though we all sin and are acquainted with iniquity, god has not left us alone without guidance. The Light of Christ and the influence of the Spirit give us direction and guidance to help us pick the right choice and to live our lives in accordance to gods design and will. As time wears on, many may cease to allow this to influence their lives, but nevertheless, it is still given to every man as often as they are listening and living in a way so as to invite the Spirit.

In my own life I can see many instances where I was being acted upon to make a better choice then I regretfully ended up making, and as a result of that the feelings of peace and harmony withdrew from me as did the spirit itself left. However, every time I started doing right or living my life in accordance with the gospel, that spirit returned to comfort me and provide me with guidance I so truly desired.

As we live the gospel of Jesus Christ and exercise our faith, repent of our past transgressions, be baptized by his priesthood authority and live worthily to have his spirit be with us, we can all find answers to life’s greatest questions as we allow our minds and our hearts to be opened to the whisperings and enticing of the holy spirit as it testifies of the truthfulness of the gospel. As we truly live the gospel, the blessings that flow from it will be a testimony to each of us of its divinity. I invite everyone to know and understand that message personally through their firsthand experience by exercising faith unto living the message Christ himself gave unto all man.

If you would like to get in touch with missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, please don’t hesitate to visit and to explore Have a blessed day!

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