Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Following the Spirit

All people (missionaries included) can use as much help as they can get. So often we have heard wonderful and inspiring messages from across the world in regards to stories where someone followed a, "whispering" or simply knew that, "there was something they needed to do" to avoid disaster or help someone in need. I can personally testify to the power of the spirit and the blessings that come to those who heed the gentle call from the spirit, as well as the great benefit that it can be to those people with whom they come into contact with.

We read in Kings that the spirit is not loud, but we are promised that who ever qualifies for the spirit will feel of its presence and be guided and led at all times and in all places. Granted, the spirit will not dwell in places where it is not invited or would be offended, so it is a continual effort on all of our parts to be living our lives in accordance to a way that would keep the spirit close to us.

We must also be willing to listen. How often would you be willing to give advice or try to help someone who just isn’t getting the message? Same thing here... the spirit can and will strive with anyone who will strive with it no matter who that person is or what their understanding of the spirit is, "for he speaketh unto men according to their language unto their understanding."

We can all feel of the Holy Spirit according to its power as we live our lives in a way that is in line and in tune with the spirit of god. To gain the Gift of the Holy Ghost (in which we always have that spirit to be with us as we live faithfully and righteously), we must receive it through the laying on of hands after baptism by one holding the proper priesthood authority of god. Still, that spirit, though not always with us fully until we personally receive it after confirmation, has touched all of our lives at one point or another. Many who have not received it still can recognize it and be led, guided, and comforted through the hardships and trials of life because of the wonderful love that god has for all of his children.

I invite everyone to personally consider the times in their lives where they have been influenced by the Holy Spirit and remember that experience as vividly as possible. Like any good golfers swing, bask in that moment to allow yourself to further get in touch with what it is and how it feels. As we follow the promptings and whisperings of the Holy Ghost, I can promise great blessings from listening to the guidance we are all provided.

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