Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trust Me, I've Got a Plan...

My good friend, Elder Coles, is a genius. There's more reasons then what I have time to go over, but particularly his blog post titled, "The Big Test" strikes me as something too awesome not to share!

I picture our loving Heavenly Father gathering the hosts of heaven so that He can present His plan to us, and He says that we can either choose to accept or reject this plan if we want to.  He says "Alright guys here is the plan. I want you all to reach your fullest potential, I really do because I love all of you! I have created a beautiful world for you all to go there and gain bodies! Sounds great right? But in order for you guys to learn, you will need to be tested, and sometimes you will be tempted to do wrong. But guys, dont even worry about it. This test will be open book.
I will give you people who will be in direct contact with Me. These people will be called prophets. They will tell you what you need to know to be happy and to return to live with Me.  Oh, dont worry, you wont have to memorize everything that they say. I will make sure their words are written down in books called scriptures. Guys, remember to study these things, they will help you out and make you happy!
Also, I want to give you more things to help you out. I will provide a place to meet together so that you can learn these things and you can apply them in your lives. Ok, now I know that you will all make some mistakes, but I will provide a way for you to over come those mistakes. I will provide a Savior and you will be able to repent, and as often as you repent I will remember your mistakes no more. Guys, thats not it. You will be able to grow up in a loving atmosphere with earthly parents and families, where you can learn my doctrines and study my gospel in a loving atmosphere. A church will need to be organized as well.  And to make sure this church is run right, I will give priesthood authority, which is the power I will give to you to act in My name, and the church will be run by that authority.
I will not leave you comfortless either. I will send the Holy Ghost, the third member of the Godhead down to dwell with you and to comfort you when needed, and to teach and testify of Me.  And you know what, if you still need some extra help with this test, you will be able to come to Me and talk about your problems with me through prayer. Know that I will always answer prayers, but make sure you are listening very carefully because if you arent you might miss the answer.  Guys this plan is going to be great. Do all these things and you will make it back here to live with me, and everything is gonna be alright!
You can find more from this awesome missionary at: http://eldercolesblog.blogspot.com/

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