Friday, May 6, 2011

Feeling The Spirit, Getting Answers

I had one of the most spiritual experiences of my life last night.

As we were teaching one of our investigators who has slowly but surely been progressing, I had the prompting that we needed to do something completely off script. As he was telling Elder Goodwin and I about how he wanted so desperately to get back to his happy self and to get back in touch with his Heavenly Father, I felt that we needed to go straight to the source to ask exactly step by step what God had in store for this man.

Serious Times Need Serious To-Do Lists... More Serious Then This One Anyways

The Holy Spirit had testified to me as this man was talking that he was ready to receive personal revelation.

As we kneeled in prayer, each of us offering a prayer for inspiration and guidance with our investigator speaking last, I learned so much in how I personally feel the Spirit. I can tell when the Spirit is present and when it is not, but sometimes I have trouble recognizing exactly what is going on or what is being whispered to me. This time, I got one of the most profound answers I've ever received through the absolute peace and stillness by which these answers were conveyed.

It took me back to the Missionary Training Center when I first started out as a missionary, a time when I things were still very rough. I had felt that I was somehow stalled in my progression and hit a plateau that I couldn't quite overcome. I had been beating myself up over it and it had been getting in the way of everything else, but then one of my instructors talked me down and told me I needed to go into an unused classroom to talk to my Heavenly Father.

In that brief moment of time, everything dissolved away. I had expected to feel the burning or tingle that I often associate with the Spirit. However, as I prayed and pleaded for help and an understanding of what was going on with me, that complete and total feeling of peace came upon me. It was so absolute that I couldn't help but feel everything would be alright.

I felt that same calm again last night as we talked and pleaded for help and guidance. We asked in faith, and I know that we all received inspired individual steps to help one of Gods children get his life in order. The Spirit testified this to me...

Where it goes from here with this story, I don't know yet. I just know that this man felt the Spirit just as strongly as I did, and I know that as he acts upon those things that he received that he will obtain all that his Father in Heaven has for him. I offer my solemn testimony that God lives and loves each of us and that He sent His Son to redeem all mankind because He loves us, and I know He loves us enough to hear every prayer we have ever had. Keep speaking, He hears you.

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